01.03.2014 In Search of a Soul, Performance & Workshop - Barcelona (Spain)
1st of March 2014 - 19h - La Vilella C/ passeig de l'Exposició 95, 08004 Barcelona (ES)
8€ (6€ for members of theater La Vilella).
Reservation for the performance : La Vilella: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +34 93 1132015+34 93 1132015/ whatsapp at 637598146
Workshop :
1st and 2nd of March 2014 - 11h - 14h - La Vilella C/ passeig de l'Exposició 95, 08004 Barcelona (ES)
45€ for both sessions
Registration for the workshop : email : cuerpotransitorio@hotmail.com / phone +34 646575742+34 646575742
Butoh Performance Barcelona 2014

Tebby WT Ramasike and his strong energy of the dance!

The Afro-Butoh is my own concept that began when I was offered a choreographic assignment by the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst in The
Netherlands, to collaborate with another choreographer, who works with a different movement vocabulary to mine. As an African dance and
Butoh practitioner, I developed a idea and curiosity to explore the differences and similarities of African dance and Butoh.
This idea has been inspired me to develop a choreographic research based on this dance work. I eventually invited Sayoko ONISHI, a
Japanese Butoh performer, choreographer and Tai- Chi teacher, to collaborate with me.
This unique collaboration of these two dance genres led to a concept of the "New-Butoh".
After this experience I did an extensive research on the relationship between African dance and Butoh in their spiritual sense.
The "New-Butoh" concept came to life as we explored a fusion of different styles of dance movements in their own right and spiritual form,
finding both similarities and differences and how these different dance genres can influence and connect with each other to create one
The development of the "New-Butoh" school in Palermo (Italy), run by Sayoko ONISHI in association with Butoh Master Yoshito OHNO, has
been an inspiration in the process of developing the Afro-Butoh concept"

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